Rebuild the respectful relationships with nature 
you were born to need.



Discover the fullness of the relationship possible between nature and you.

Most of us walk through our lives both misunderstanding nature and without the bond between us that we are hardwired to know.  

Without this, we feel lost, lonely, isolated and empty.

We don’t know who we are, what our place is or why we are here.

Come with me on a journey to understand nature fully and develop a relationship with animals and plants that goes soul deep.

Journey Back to Nature
New Eyes. Rewilded Heart. New Purpose. New World.

Journey Back to Nature helps you change your mindset, expands your mind and gives you access to talents and abilities you never knew you had. You rewild your heart, feel whole and more compassionate. The adventure leads to a deep respect for and a bond with nature that goes soul deep, gives you back yourself, your place in nature and returns purpose and meaning to your life.

Each transformational workshop and nature experience is part of your way back. We guide you along using science, holistic science and beyond science. Thought pieces, stories and experiential processes engage you, mind, heart, body, spirit and soul.

This journey will transform you and knowing nature will evolve you.

Coming Home

I provide you with effective tools and impactful experiences that maximize the changes in mindset that open you to receive and respect nature, fill your heart, help know who you are and experience the wholeness, belonging and purpose you are born to need and hardwired to have.

Based on 25 years of experience in biology and personal development, I created a journey that brings nature alive for you and brings you back to nature to thrive together. Along the way, you gain a fresh perspective on nature and you. As we walk the path together, you get to know nature and yourself better, reconnect with, honour and support nature.

 The journey begins within you.

Journey Back to Nature
The Transformational Workshops
The inner journey back to nature

Rediscover Nature
Prerequisite for all other workshops + experiences
Let go of beliefs that get in the way of knowing, connecting with and supporting nature to see animals and plants with new eyes.
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Discover how much you and nature are part of each other and how much you need nature to live, find your place and be your best self.
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Rebuild Relationships
Bond with the beings of nature you have come to know and respect to rewild your heart, feel whole, belong and more.
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Photo by Parksville, BC, Tourism Board.

Ecological Grief
Moving through and beyond this normal, complex form of grief at nature’s loss to feel strengthened, more balanced and compassionate. You rediscover your purpose and give meaning to your life.
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Celebrating Nature
Honouring and remembering the beings of nature we have lost and those that remain. It is to remind us who they were, their lives and their contributions to deeply appreciate and value them.
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Photo: Eastern Puma – Extinct

Journey Back to Nature
Nature Experiences
Local, real world journeys

Nature Walks
This is for you if you feel out of shape, experience pain, need time away from it all, feel frazzled and irritable, and want to feel better about yourself, see the sights and hear the sounds of nature and relax a little.
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Nature’s Therapy
When you feel stressed, feel you have overused IT, or want to heal or recover, come with us to a place where you are accepted and can deeply relax,  rejuvenate and renew through nature’s touch.
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Wilderness Awareness Excursions
Getting out there to identify, learn basic needs of and the dynamics of how animals and plants interact with one another in the Carolinian ecosystem we live in.
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Nature Immersions
Build your bond with nature so that you feel one with animals and plants in a connection that goes deep into the heart of you. A connection you were born to need and hardwired to have.
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