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respectfully co-exist so Earth can keep working

The Keys to Life Sustaining Living

We have developed a series of workshops, nature gatherings and nature experiences designed to take you on virtual or real-world adventures that help you learn to meet nature’s needs and guide you into the Third Age of Man: Life-sustaining Living.


What we are offering in August 2020

A Better Place is offering a Livestream Workshop called

Honouring the Pain You Feel for Nature

A journey from pain to inner strength, resilience and compassion

This livestream workshop is 8 weeks long;
two hours/week for four weeks.

Thursday evenings, August 6, 13,  20  and 27, 2020.

From 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm each night.

International Inquiries are most welcome.
Please email us for more information

Understand the fullness of the crisis we are in

Discover the true source of the pain you feel.

Safely move through this pain anytime and anywhere.

Honouring the Pain You Feel for Nature

Move through this pain for nature to tap into an enduring source of  inner strength, resilience, groundedness and stronger compassion.

We are waking up to the fact that our Earth is unravelling and there is no going back.  One way or another, we are causing billions of animals to die, clearcutting thousands of acres of forests each year and destroying life in the oceans. Many of us feel such despair, grief, outrage and suffering at this continuous and escalating loss of nature.

To help you move through this pain, A Better Place is making something possible that we have never done before, a virtual workshop. We provide step-by-step tried  and true processes to help you acknowledge and safely move through and beyond this despair, outrage and suffering at your own pace to access inner strength, greater resilience and a fuller heart, all in the comfort of your own home.

When we do not acknowledge these feelings, we continue with business as usual –unlimited growth on a limited sized planet, which is causing the mess we are in.

Yet, when you allow these emotions to be honoured, moved through and to have their voice, something fundamental shifts, a transformation happens and a turning towards a new way of living begins within you.

What Makes this Workshop So Special?

  • Discover a whole new way to look at pain that makes it easier to deal with.
  • Learn what is at the root of what you feel.
  • You are in charge of your own pace in your journey.
  • We offer a technique you can use anytime and anywhere to help you deal with pain for nature as it arises in your everyday life.

Your Investment

Do you know how to deal with the grief and pain
you feel over the continuous and escalating loss of nature? 

We guide you through the steps to safely move through your pain & tap into an enduring source of inner strength, resilience and greater compassion. 

Corona price: $297.00 for this virtual event 

If you feel you would like extra support to honour and deal with your pain, 

we have follow up on-going weekly hour longs for

$30.00 each session;
$142.50 for 5 sessions.