Go Beyond Your Story

To Discover Nature’s Story

Understand and interconnect with nature to best meet its needs

Take confident action that supports nature so it can turn the crisis it faces around

Do you want to know how to best support the beings of nature as they  struggle to survive?

We have the tools to help you change the future for nature and for you.

Go Beyond Your Story

To Discover Nature’s Story

This is dedicated to Ellie who had the original idea.

In response to this current crisis, we offer workshops, nature gatherings and nature experiences in progressive action steps to help you see nature clearly, understand the beings of nature and the communities they form, connect with nature and move beyond your grief from its loss.  In addition, we offer game-changing projects that best support nature as it tries to turn the crisis it faces around.

This journey changes you and gives you a deep respect for the beings of nature, the communities they form and the vital work they do together to keep Earth livable

Hi, I am Sahlaa Morris and I grew up on a property that backed onto a forest. When I was young, I spent a lot of time sitting under a pine tree, looking at the animals, plants and more that lived around me.  I got to know them; who they were, how they lived, their behaviour, how they communicated with each other and what they did.  Each time their lives and their world were sacrificed for industry, I grieved. This deep connection inspired me to learn more so I went to university and I took additional programs and courses in science, holistic science and beyond science to gain greater awareness and a fuller understanding of nature.

All this motivated me to start A Better Place to help you understand the beings of nature too and to know that what you are going to do to support them is really going to work.

The time to act is now

According to the UN, this is the make it or break it year for nature. We are destroying animals, mass planting trees and wiping out ecosystems for money, fuel and more until nature has now reached its point of no return. Yet nature and you are vitally linked. Knowing nature evolves you and the air all life breathes, the water we all drink and the soil all food grows in is all created by nature. Like every other form of life, you eat some of that food and the   nutrients you gain go into making up every part of your body.

Become your best self

When you go beyond yourself, you grow and evolve. You become more present, aware, accepting, calm, grounded and develop new gifts, talents and abilities you never knew you had. You feel part of something greater than yourself and become more confident, strong, resilient, compassionate and open hearted. You know your own humanness, your own humanity and your place. Going beyond yourself to support the beings of nature brings purpose and meaning to your life.

Together, we can sustain a new way of living that respects both nature and you.

As you begin to understand nature, something fundamental shifts and a lasting change happens to how you think that turns you towards living with nature in mind to ensure a future for the beings of nature, your children, your grandchildren and you.