Our Origin Story
Sahlaa Morris, Founder

One of the greatest gifts to me when I was growing up was the forest at the back of our property. I would go there when things got too much in the house. I sat under a tree, cried, raged and felt everything in between until it faded away and I felt better. As I sat under my favourite pine tree, I began to look around me and noticed the plants and animals who lived there. The animals accepted me and captivated me. After paying close attention a while, I noticed they did things with purpose. They had lives to live, partners and children to raise. They played, talked and took care of themselves just as we do. I felt safe and accepted.

Watching them lifted my spirits. They made me smile.

I have always felt so grateful to the beings of that community. They awakened in me an awareness of them, a connection with them, a desire to get to know them better and to help other people accept them as they really are so they could continue to live.

A Better Place signature program Journey Back to Nature is my way of giving back.


As your wholistic nature experts …

We help you change your mindset and heartset to change how you much you value and support nature.

Our breakthrough processes help you see nature clearly, transform your relationship with animals and plants, give you back yourself and your place and mourn and remember the vital beings we have lost.

We are here to provide you with the thought pieces, stories and experiences you need.

Come walk with me …

Expertise and Experience
My ongoing experiences with nature, coupled with a vision of how energy flows through the web of life, have been augmented through my education and my work:

  • A degree in zoology – animal behaviour (influenced initially by Dr Jane Goodall’s work) and ecology; her training in living systems theory, deep ecology, nature connection interspecies communication and “The Work that Reconnects” with Dr Joanna Macy, world renowned eco-philosopher.
  • Assisting with research on the impact of pollution on fish.
  • Team writing estuary reports for the Canadian government.
  • Training, speeches and a practice in stress management and personal development spanning 25 years.

As a result, I truly understand the return of a way of seeing and relating to nature that for a time was lost but is beginning to sweep the globe again. It influenced the creation of Journey Back to Nature.

This program was created by bringing together multiple disciplines blended in just the right way to present the knowledge and experiences you need to build a strong relationship with nature that inspires you to value, respect, trust and support animals and plants.

Latest and Time Tested Tools
I stay updated with the latest research findings in all the disciplines and the experiences that bring you to the strongest connection with the animals and plants you have come to know, with how to move through your grief most safely to find the best way to partner up with nature to thrive together.

Each workshop is designed to be a piece a chapter in the story of your journey. Through them and the thought pieces, stories and experiences they hold, you build your knowledge and are touched at your heart, spirit and soul. Being so deeply and fully enriched and touched maximizes the impacts of the results.

This is a journey that changes you and empowers you. As your travel along, your mindset changes, you expand your mind, rewild your heart, accept, respect, trust, feel compassion for, care about nature and yourself, feel whole, a part of something greater than yourself that helps you feel that you belong, that you can give back to, that you have a place in and you are a part of this web of life and the cycles of life. It also inspires you to act to support nature.

The Journey Begins within You
Discover the fullness of the relationship possible between nature and you.

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