Celebrating the Seasons

Spring, Awakening.

 Spring, where the reflective time we spent in winter is giving way for new beliefs to be put into action.

Change is true for nature too. The increasing warmth of the sun, the length of days, the melting snow … Change is a foot. New growth is beginning.  Seeds that lay dormant, waiting, are beginning to root. Trees are waking up and new green buds are being produced.

Animals have a new bounce in their step as they prepare to bring little ones into the world. It’s a renewal of life, a new start, setting things into motion. 

Come, bring your whole family and friends for a morning of fun, outdoor experiences for you to get to know nature and yourself a little better.

We provide:
A salute to the sun to get you moving,
Mindful walking and natural art.
Discover a few things we have in common with nature,
Start to know the lives of trees and
Experience moments of connection with them.
There will also be nature songs and good food.

April  6, 2019
9:30 am – noon 
TBA, but in Burlington, ON.
Cost: $15.00 each. $20.00/family. Please register here before the day.

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