Reconnect with Nature

We offer a journey into the heart of nature that brings animals and plants to life for you.
When you reconnect with nature, you rediscover their wisdom and heart and their purpose and
you reconnect with them to form a bond you innately need.

Along the way, you change, evolve and become whole. You access your ultimate potential, find your purpose and re-experience a sense of belonging with the other beings of nature that goes soul deep.

Animal-plant communities are not places to escape to, nor are they here for our benefit.

They are places to come home to.

Nature Experiences

 It is important to know that nature is not here to teach us or heal us. It is not all about us.
 The beings of nature have lives to live and work to do.
Because of our relationship with nature, we benefit in many ways from the jobs wildlife and plants perform as they go about fulfilling their life purpose.  


Nature Walks
For Fitness, Pain Relief and Whole Health

This is for you if you feel out of shape, experience pain, need time away from it all, feel frazzled and irritable, and want to feel better about yourself, see the sights and hear the sounds of nature and relax a little.

We offer walks through established trails throughout the Hamilton-Wentworth, Halton and Wellington Regions and easy walks along the local Bruce Trail area.

In our unique walks, you are taught how to be in nature, to walk mindfully to reduce lower back, pelvic, leg ankle and foot pain, relax, take in the richness and beauty of nature and take time to get to know the others who come to so we can develop a nature community.

Benefits to our regular Sunday walks include: increased energy, stamina and endurance, stronger heart and lungs, strengthened bones, better brain function, increased confidence, self-esteem, increased creativity and less stress and pain. Come and let being in nature make you feel better about yourself, enriched, happier and more relaxed.

Sundays :  9:00 – 10:00 am – Nature Walks
Location: Hidden Valley Park, 
1337 Hidden Valley Rd,  Burlington, Ontario

$30 Per person/per walk
10 Walks $270 Per person (Save $30!)

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Nature’s Therapy
For Deep Healing and Recovery

You are invited to leave your stress, physical inflammation, your busy world, life’s challenges, and your IT behind, come as you are and totally immerse yourself in the accepting embrace of nature.

Have you been in nature and wondered why you felt so much better? You could have gone anywhere – in a forest, by a lake or a river, at a marsh, in grasses, anywhere.

In this special nature experience, we help you prepare to enter the natural world, realign with Earth, share space with nature receive from the work of wildlife and plants and benefit from their ability to alleviate difficult emotional states so you in turn can heal, recover and experience whole, vibrant health and give back to nature.

It’s a safe place for you to deeply relax, your mind to clear, for peace, tranquility and quiet be deeply felt, for your emotions to come into balance, your heart to open wider, self-esteem to increase, insights to come to you, solutions to problems be found and your whole being to deeply rejuvenate.

Come as you are and totally immerse yourself in the accepting embrace of nature.
In this unique nature experience, prepare to enter the natural world, realign yourself with Earth, receive from and give back to nature.

Let nature work its magic so you can:

  • Experience whole, vibrant health
  • Allow your mind to clear
  • Bring your emotions into balance
  • Have insights come to you
  • Rewild your heart

Begins May 26, 2019. On-going weekly.
Sundays, 9:30 – 11:00
Hidden Valley Park, Burlington, Ontario
$35. Per person or $325 for a group of 10.

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Get to Know Nature
Explore the Nature Community You Live in.
Perquisites: Rediscover Nature and Nature and You

Get to know the wildlife and plants who live in your neighbourhood. Find who they are, what they do, what is important to them, how they work together, what they need to thrive and how you can help.

We help you get back to nature with help from our qualified guides who introduce you to your neighbours so you get to know them, understand them, pay attention to the changes in our neighbourhood as the seasons change and learn how to lend support that allows them to flourish.

Our future on this planet depends on the presence of intact ecosystems. Wildlife and plants in their communities work together to create air we can breathe, water we can drink and soil we can grow our food on. Who they are and what they do is essential for our survival. Our collective, vital role in supporting them gives renewed energy, purpose and meaning to our lives


Nature Immersions
The Practice of Soul-Deep Nature Connecting.

Prerequisites: Rediscover Nature and Soul-Deep Nature Connecting.





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