Reconnect with Nature

We offer a journey into the heart of nature that brings animals and plants to life for you.
When you reconnect with nature, you rediscover their wisdom and heart and their purpose and
you reconnect with them to form a bond you innately need.

Along the way, you change, evolve and become whole. You access your ultimate potential, find your purpose and re-experience a sense of belonging with the other beings of nature that goes soul deep.

Animal-plant communities are not places to escape to, nor are they here for our benefit.

They are places to come home to.


Part 1. Know Nature

Bringing Nature to Life
Putting life back into life science. Seeing Nature Clearly is a prerequisite.

Through time, we lost our awareness of nature so Bringing Nature to Life, is reintroducing you to the plants and animals of nature. Through our talks ‘n’ tales, films, music, guest speakers, playshops and nature adventures, we hope to excite, engage and educate you, to peak your curiosity, stimulate your creativity and open your heart as you begin to know the wisdom, wise hearts and lives of the animals and plants that make up the community you live in.

The Living Earth has taken billions of years to advance into the infinitely complex communities that exist all over the world right now so there is always something new to discover.  It takes time to get to know the beings of nature from the basics to the ancient and ever developing wisdom these teachers have to share that move us forward and what they do to create this home for all of us.

Get to Know Nature
Get to know this Carolinian ecosystem we live in. Seeing Nature Clearly is a prerequisite.

Walk into any nature community to get to know the beings that live there requires that you be open to seeing them clearly for who they really are.

Join us in learning to recognize the different beings we call nature, discover how they keep the Carolinian community strong and bring you to a completely new level of awareness and understanding of animals and plants as we bring nature alive for you in our adventures in nature discovery. Time is set aside for shared experiences.

Naturalists, wildlife biologists, ecologists and/or a behavioural biologist will lead the walks. You learn science and beyond science to deeply understand the animals and plants that live with you.

Numbers are limited to 12/walk to minimize ecosystem damage.

Part 2. Deep Nature Interconnecting

Nature Immersions
Rewilding Your Heart

Weekly opportunities to strengthen your connection with nature. Come and sit/stand/walk in the midst of a nature community you were born to need. With practice, you come to embrace the fullness, richness and timelessness of a connection between the essence of the beings of nature and the essence of you. Here you discover how to keep the circle of giving alive as you learn what to give back to nature and how to give it. They give so much to us.

Numbers are limited to 12/walk to minimize ecosystem damage.

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