Outdoor Adventures

We offer a journey back into nature where stress, IT and their impacts can fall away and your mind,
emotions and body can come back into balance and back down to Earth for whole, vital health.

Nature is the place where you meet wildlife, plants and fungi in person!
Experience your place in nature and deeply reconnect with the beings of nature to
have a relationship you were born to need and hardwired to have.

Along your way, you change and evolve, access your ultimate potential, find your purpose and
re-experience a feeling of belonging with animals, plants and fungi that rewilds your heart and touches your soul.

Nature Experiences

Each experience increasingly deepens your connection with nature.


Mindful Nature Walks
For Whole Health and Fitness

In every walk with nature,
one receives far more than he seeks.
-John Muir

This is for you if you are out of shape, in pain, need time away from it all, feel frazzled, irritable and down, want to feel better, take in the sights and sounds of nature, relax a little and make new friends.

We offer walks through established trails throughout the Hamilton-Wentworth, Halton and Wellington Regions and easy walks along the local Bruce Trail area to visit waterfalls and ponds, immerse yourself in forests, delight in the chatter squirrels and birds, be awestruck at wildlife you see and marvel at the beauty and variety of local leaves and blooms.

A walk allows us to savour the quiet and calm to become relaxed and reflective. Being in nature enriches you, encourages your brain to work better, improves your short term memory and builds your creativity. It develops your energy, strength and stamina, lifts your spirits, helps you feel better about yourself, reduces your stress and blood pressure and possibly even helps with cancer.

Come and join us each week to meet new friends and feel part of a nature-based community of people.

Discover how to nature walk to reduce the likelihood of accidents and falls.
Reduce lower body pain.


Return to Your Roots
Nature Therapy

Nature is not a place to escape to,
It is a place to come back home to.

Spending too much time in cities and suburbs leads to stress, busyness, contributes to life challenges, leaves you down and anxious, raises your blood pressure, reduces your immune function… In short, they impair your mind and body function. Come and join us to bring yourself back down to earth and back to greater whole health.

Nature’s pace is your pace, a pace that allows you to realign with Earth to feel better, a pace that brings you back to your intuitive mind, your emotions and your sense impressions, a pace where your mind, emotions and your body come back into balance and a pace where grounding can happen.

Come and de-stress, allow your body to heal and recover and enjoy more vibrant health.

In this experience you become quiet, your mind clears and you become deeply peaceful. With time, you feel renewed, your inner strength increases and you feel more rooted and solid.

Here among the beings of nature, you find self-acceptance, renewed self-esteem, gain insights and find unique solutions to challenges you face. You come back down to Earth so your whole being can rejuvenate.

Come with us to respond to nature’s calling, to fulfill that yearning to be in nature before you venture back out into the hustle and bustle of civilization and the emptiness of IT again.

Discover how to de-stress.
Realign yourself with Earth.
Learn to ground.



Get to Know Nature
Exploring the Carolinian ecosystem

Come and get to know the wildlife, plants and fungi that make up the Carolinian nature community we live in.

Our experienced naturalists and professional field experts will conduct nature tours in nearby parks, conservation areas, the Bruce Trail and Cootes Paradise.

This is an opportunity to identify local wildlife, plants and fungi, get to know them and what they do to keep the Carolinian ecosystem we live in vital, healthy and resilient.

Our nature tours bring you new awareness and help you connect more with the natural world in a whole new way.

Our future on this planet depends on the presence of intact ecosystems. Through their collective actions wildlife, plants and fungi create the air you breathe, water you drink and the soil your food grows on. Who they are and what they do is essential for your survival. The more you know about them, the more you know how to support them.


Nature Immersions
(Mastering techniques from the Deep Nature Connections weekend workshop to deepen your connection with nature.)
Heart and soul connecting with the beings of nature you have come to understand.

Nature immersions are opportunities to experience nature deeply with your whole being.

This nature adventure is the practice of heightening your senses, going beyond them and having those quiet peak experiences that rewild your heart and touch your soul.

Come and immerse yourself in nature away from the throng. Within the world of plants and animals, re-experience falling in love with nature, feel the fullness, richness and timelessness of the bond between the essence of you and the essence of an animal, plant or fungi and give back to nature. Giving back completes and the cycle of life and sustains your link with nature. This is a relationship you were born to need and hardwired to have.

Through these experiences, you feel whole again, are at peace and know quiet exhilaration. Through these deep moments, you feel that you have come home, that you belong. With time you accept your place and begin to relate to the animals and plants you connect with.

Out of these experiences you learn who you are, increase your humanity, discover your boundaries with nature, rediscover your purpose and bring meaning to your life.



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