Journey Back to Nature

There is nothing wrong with nature.
The problem of mass extinction of plants, and animals in particular, lies with us and
how we see and treat them.

Fixing the problem starts from the inside out.

Your adventure then is the inner journey you take,
the knowledge you gain and the experiences you have as
you come to know, respect, reconnect with, grieve and celebrate
the beings of nature as they are. 

Come and prepare to make the real world changes nature needs.


Journey Back to Nature
New Eyes. New Heart. New world.

This program consists of transformational workshops, dynamic, informative on-going Friday night nature gatherings and increasingly deeply felt nature experiences that bring you and nature back together to thrive together.

Right now, Canada is one of the five countries in the world that contains 70% of the world’s intact ecosystems so how we treat nature is pivotal. Yet, Canada is choosing to decimate nature at a rapid, accelerating rate.

To stop this trend and to turn things around, we need new eyes, a full heart and a deep respect for nature to see problems differently and to find alternative solutions.

Making changes in perception and understanding nature and the problems it faces is beginning to inspire change here in Canada as more and more people are joining together to stand for nature. A Better Place is proud to be part of this movement.



To take effective, successful action that allows nature to thrive, we have personal transformations to make, inner evolutions to undergo, things to understand about nature, relationships to rebuild and beings to mourn and remember.

Our unique workshops are a blend of science, holistic science and beyond science. Thought pieces, stories and experiential processes engage you mind, body, spirit and soul to help you see nature and you differently.

Rediscover Nature
See nature clearly.

Come and join our group of nature enthusiasts and nature supporters in a unique, inner adventure to see nature clearly to rediscover who the beings of nature really are.

When you look at a wolf, slug, snake or “weeds”, what do you think about, what do you feel?

Several thousand years ago, one thought came into being, permeated our culture and wove its way into our thinking and became out truth. A truth that we still unknowingly and trustingly hold. A truth that utterly disconnected us from nature. A truth that has morphed into myths, biases and fears.

This one core, old-thought has over time also shaped actions taken that has led to the eco-crisis we face.

The UN has discovered that at least one million species are on the brink of extinction. What we do to successfully turn that around hinges on seeing nature clearly to take meaningful action that encourages nature to thrive.

Rediscover nature gets at what stands in the way of seeing wildlife and plants as they really are and teaches you how to see nature clearly.

The process gives you an open mind and an open heart and helps you see the extraordinary and the ordinary in each animal and plant, receive the richness, feel the wonder and be in awe of nature.

The journey to bring nature and you together to thrive together begins from the inside out. It is how we think that influences the action we take.

It is in seeing differently that new action can be taken.

This makes Rediscover Nature an essential, empowering start to the Journey Back to Nature and Thriving Together.

Location: TBA
Wednesday, July 10th—July 31st, 2019, 7:00—9:00 pm
Please inquire via email for more details.

$297.00 for 8 weeks.
Preregistration and prepayment due before first class.
No registrations or prepayments are taken on or after start date.

NOTE: This is a prerequisite for all other workshops and experiences.

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Nature and You
Understanding your place in nature

Come and join a group of nature explorers for a voyage in time to understand the intricate relationship we have together.

For hundreds of thousands of years, we have lived in sync with the rhythms and cycles of nature and the lives of the beings of nature. We understood our relationship with nature and it dictated how we lived.

With time, we separated out from nature and wildlife, plants and fungi became strangers to us. In doing so, we also lost our understanding of our place and our space.

Take the pathway back to nature and you with us:

  • Explore what keeps you from knowing your place in nature
  • Travel through a voyage in time to understand how nature and you evolved together
  • Discover how you fit into the great web of life and more …

From this workshop, you:

  • Understand that you have a place on this planet you call home. With this knowing, comes feelings of safety, security and rootedness.
  • Know acceptance, self-confidence, extraordinariness and ordinariness and greater whole health and well-being.
  • Out of this knowing, you become more accepting, self-confident and see the extraordinary in the ordinary and you know why you are here.

In the challenging times we face, knowing our relationship with nature inspires us to help nature thrive because of who nature is (Come to our THE Friday Night On-going Nature Gatherings to find out) and because we cannot live without nature.

Location: TBA
Dates: Thursday, Aug 10th—August 31st, 7:00—9:00 am.
Please inquire via email for more details.
$297.00 for 8 weeks.
Preregistration and prepayment due before first class.

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THE Friday Night Ongoing Nature Gatherings
Discover the Wisdom, Heart and Lives of Wildlife and Plants and the Intricate Connections between them.

“A mosaic consists of thousands of little stones. Some are blue, some are green, some are yellow, some are gold. When we bring our faces close to the mosaic, we can admire the beauty of each stone. But as we step back from it, we can see that all these little stones reveal to us a beautiful picture, telling a story none of these stones can tell by itself.”
Intricate Connections  – Henri Nouwen

This is a call to all nature enthusiasts. Come and learn forgotten and recently discovered mysteries and secrets of wholistic nature ecology, nature communication and behaviour.

The most unparalleled marvel of life to me are ecosystems and how the myriad of life that makes up these almost infinitely complex nature communities maintains a dynamic balance where everything functions perfectly. Not only that but they have sustained this balance, despite changes in the beings who lived there, for millions of years.

Here we re-introduce you to the beings of nature, bring them to life for you to get to know and to help you discover how their communities work.

Through our talks and tales, films, music, guest speakers, playshops and wilderness walks, we hope to excite and educate you, to peak your curiosity and stimulate your creativity as you begin to know the wisdom, wise hearts of animals and plants and learn how they live together.

What we share is theme based to go more deeply into who animals and plants are and what they do.

The living Earth has taken billions of years to advance into the infinitely intricate communities that exist all over the world right now. It takes time to get to know the beings of nature from the basics to the ancient and ever developing lessons and advancements they have to share if we choose to pay attention.

Some of it moves us forward, brings us to our ultimate potential and helps us be our best self. Some of it is essential to our very existence.

Start date August 13, 2019
7:00-9:00 pm. 2 Fridays/month.

The fourth Friday is free. On that free Friday night, evening starts with a pot luck and moves into story time where we get together to listen to each other’s nature stories, build comradery and community.
Non-members: please pay for three evenings, once at start of every other month.
Members can pay once/year, once/6 months or once/3 months. Members receive a 10% discount.

Must preregister on website prior to first Friday evening.

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Deep Nature Reconnecting
Activate the bond with nature you innately have

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness
 – Thich Nhat Hanh

Come with us into a nature community to let go of your loneliness and emptiness to rewild your heart and reactivate a connection that goes soul deep.

Within each of us is a “system” that helps us connect with nature, not just at a naturalistic level but one that opens our heart more and touches our soul. Dr EO Wilson, who first noticed it, says we are born with this connection with nature. We just have to activate it.

In Nature and You, you walked away understanding the connection between nature and you.
In this 2-day weekend workshop you reawaken what it feels like to be connected to nature.

We help you prepare to be in nature, experience the fullness of nature by creating a timeless, wordless connection where the essence of you and the essence of nature become one, to experience the quiet, deeper experiences that can come your way and give back to nature. Intuitive moments can occur where you and a plant or animal have a silent communication exchange.

The wonder and awe you can experience with this combination of knowing who the beings of nature are, respecting them and what they do coupled with the deep connection you can create is not to be missed.

Not only is it possible to have a full connection with nature, this deep connection helps you feel whole, safe and rooted and belong in a world so much greater than you with beings you feel like you have come home to and can make friends with. All of this opens you more to your humanity, your humanness and assists you in finding purpose and meaning from the whole experience.

On September 21 and 22, 2019
Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am – 5 pm
Location Tentative: Tansley Woods Community Centre
This is an indoor-outdoor weekend.
Please bring a reusable water bottle and wear clothing appropriate for the weather and being outside.
Nature Immersions build your connection muscle.
Rediscover Nature is a prerequisite.
$497.00 for two full days. Light lunch and snacks provided.
Preregistration and prepayment due before first class

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Ecological, Environmental and Climate Change Grief
Honouring and moving beyond your grief

Come together in a safe place to acknowledge your pain, share your stories and move beyond your grief.

All of us have lost someone or something we cared about or an opportunity we have lost and expressing grief is a normal emotional reaction to these losses.

Ecological, environmental and climate change grief is also commonly felt at the loss of the beings and elements of nature we so care about from our actions. Further deep sadness and rage is rising up within us from losses due to the pollution that is causing the rises in temperature that claim more animal, plants and fungi lives and affect our health and way of life. This grief is understandable, healthy and increasing worldwide as we truly recognize and try to emotionally cope with the destruction of nature and our Earth.

Our grief, according to Thich Nhat Hanh, is a result of “hearing within us, the Earth crying” as the pain of the loss of animals and plants lives, the loss of the quality of all our lives and the profound damage to our Earth moves through us.

In this Workshop, you:

  • Recognize how grief has shown up in you.
  • Master ways of moving through grief without getting stuck in it to be able to deal with life as you grieve.
  • Deal with the continuous grief as right now the loss of nature is ongoing and escalating.
  • Let your grief transform you as you move through and beyond it so that the benefits become your strengths and more.

When you holistically move through that grief and beyond it, you change. This is a journey to greater compassion, empathy, rootedness, stillness and calm. You become stronger in the face of challenge and pain, have greater emotional balance in difficult times and are more resilient. Acknowledge your grief, take courageous leaps forward and feel more empowered. In the end you find peace, passion and purpose. This transformational process brings home the realization of the preciousness of all life.

Location; TBA
Date: September 24 – November 12 Tuesday nights 7:00 – 9:00 pm (10 weeks)
Cost: 997.00 includes an in-class, additional support person.
Please preregister and prepay here up to one week before the start date.

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Celebration of Life
Coming together to remember

Each animal and plant has a personality, wisdom, a heart, families they love, and work they do. The living beings of nature take ingenious, co-operative actions to make Earth habitable for all living beings. Their lives mattered. No matter how small they were, their lives were big to them and to us. We are alive because they were alive.

This an opportunity for you to come and celebrate the life or lives of animals and/or plants who mean something to you, who you have bonded with and cared about and have lost and to celebrate who they were and the lives they led. We provide a safe, nurturing space for this time together.

Date: October 12, 2019.
Outdoor ceremony. 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.
Tentative Location: Patella Gardens, Burlington, ON.
Please dress appropriately.
Please preregister and prepay here before the end of the last week before the event by pressing the “Reserve Your Spot Today Button.
Cost is $147.00.

Light snacks and drinks provided.     

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