Deep Nature Connecting


Come with us into a nature community to let go of your loneliness and emptiness to rewild your heart and reactivate a connection that goes soul deep.

On September 21 and 22, 2019
Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am – 5 pm
Location Tentative: Tansley Woods Community Centre
This is an indoor-outdoor weekend.
Please bring a reusable water bottle and wear clothing appropriate for the weather and being outside.
Nature Immersions build your connection muscle.
Rediscover Nature is a prerequisite.
$497.00 for two full days. Light lunch and snacks provided.
Preregistration on website is required before 1st class.



Within each of us is a “system” that helps us connect with nature, not just at a naturalistic level but one that opens our heart more and touches our soul. Dr EO Wilson, who first noticed it, says we are born with this connection with nature. We just have to activate it.

In Nature and You, you walked away understanding the connection between nature and you.
In this 2-day weekend workshop you reawaken what it feels like to be connected to nature.

We help you prepare to be in nature, experience the fullness of nature by creating a timeless, wordless connection where the essence of you and the essence of nature become one, to experience the quiet, deeper experiences that can come your way and give back to nature. Intuitive moments can occur where you and a plant or animal have a silent communication exchange.

The wonder and awe you can experience with this combination of knowing who the beings of nature are, respecting them and what they do coupled with the deep connection you can create is not to be missed.

Not only is it possible to have a full connection with nature, this deep connection helps you feel whole, safe and rooted and belong in a world so much greater than you with beings you feel like you have come home to and can make friends with. All of this opens you more to our humanity, your humanness and assists you in finding purpose and meaning from the whole experience.


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