Ecological, Environmental and Climate Change Grief



Location; TBA
Date: September 24 – November 12 Tuesday nights 7:00 – 9:00 pm (10 weeks)
Cost: $797.00 Includes in=class, additional support
Please prepay prior to start date.



Ecological, environmental and climate change grief is also commonly felt as loss of the beings and elements of nature that we care about so deeply. This grief is understandable, healthy and increasing worldwide as we truly recognize and try to emotionally cope with the wholesale destruction of nature and our Earth.

Our grief, according to Thich Nhat Hanh, is a result of “hearing within us, the Earth crying” as the pain of the loss of animals and plants lives, the loss of the quality of all our lives and the profound damage to our Earth moves through us.

In this Workshop, you:

  • Recognize how the grief has shown up in you.
  • Master ways of moving through grief without getting stuck in it to be able to deal with life as you grieve.
  • Deal wit the continuous grief as right now the loss of nature is ongoing and escalating.
  • Let your grief transform you as yo move through and beyond it so that the benefits become your strengths and more.

When you holistically move through that grief and beyond it, you change. This is a journey to greater compassion, empathy, rootedness, stillness and calm. You become stronger in the face of challenge and your pain, have greater emotional balance in difficult times, are more resilient. Acknowledge your grief, take courageous leaps forward and feel more empowered. In the end you find peace, passion and purpose. This transformational process brings home the realization of the preciousness of all life.


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