Nature Immersions


(Mastering techniques from the Deep Nature Connections weekend workshop to deepen your connection with nature.)
Heart and soul connecting with the beings of nature you have come to understand.
Nature immersions are opportunities to experience nature deeply with your whole being.

Biweekly: 9:00 – noon
$80.00 per walk. Book 10 walks: $775.00
Please prepay online on the website up to a day ahead of walk.
Walks are easy. Bring reusable water bottle and dress for the occasion.
Please wear outdoor hiking shoes/boots for slippery soil.

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This nature adventure is the practice of heightening your senses, going beyond them and having those peak experiences that rewild your heart and touch your soul.

Come and immerse yourself in nature away from the throng. Within the world of plants and animals,re-experience falling in love with nature, feel the fullness, richness and timelessness of the bond between the essence of you and the essence of an animal, plant or fungi and give back to nature. Giving back completes and the cycle of life and sustains your link with nature. This is a relationship you were born to need and hardwired to have.

Through these experiences, feel whole, are at peace, know joy and moments of quiet exhilaration. Through these deep moments you feel like you belong on Earth and that you are home, accept your place and relate to the animals and plants you connect with. As you get better at it, you learn who you are, your boundaries with nature, rediscover your purpose and bring meaning to your life.

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