Return to Your Roots


Let nature work its magic so you can:

  • Experience whole, vibrant health
  • Allow your mind to clear
  • Bring your emotions into balance
  • Have insights come to you
  • Rewild your heart
Weekly: Sundays 9:30-10:30 am
$30.00/ hour: $80.00 for 3 hour retreat. Sunday’s 1-4 pm for retreat.
Please email for location. Please prepay online on the website up to a day ahead of the event.
Please prepay online on the website up to a day ahead of walk.
Walks are easy. Bring reusable water bottle and dress for the occasion. Please wear outdoor hiking shoes/boots for slippery soil.


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For Deep Healing and Recovery

Spending too much time in cities and suburbs leads to stress, busyness, contributes to life challenges, leaves you down and anxious, raises your blood pressure, reduces your immune function… In short, they impair your mind and body function. Come and join us to bring yourself back down to earth and back to greater whole health.

Nature’s pace is your pace.  A pace you designed to follow, a pace that allows you to realign with Earth to feel better, a pace that brings you back to your intuitive mind, your emotions and your sense impressions, a pace that grounds you.

It is also a pace where you can de-stress, bring your mind, emotions and body back into balance allowing you to deeply heal, recover and enjoy more whole, vibrant health.

Through the ancient techniques we give you, you can let go, deeply relax, your mind can focus, be clearer and at peace. You can know deep quiet and tranquility, inner strength and solidity.  Here in nature, you find self-acceptance, your self-esteem increases, insights can come to you, solutions to problems can be found, you to come back down to earth and your whole being can deeply rejuvenate.

Come with us to respond to that calling, to fulfill that yearning to be in nature before you venture back out into the hustle and bustle of civilization and the emptiness of IT again.

Discover how to de-stress.
Realign yourself with Earth.
Learn to ground.

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1 hour, 3 hour retreat


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