The Friday Night Ongoing Nature Gatherings


This is a call to all curious nature lovers. Right now, we have forgotten the miracle of who wildlife and plants are and how they work together to keep all of us alive. Come and learn the secrets and mysteries of nature.

Two Fridays a month.
Start: August 13, 2019, 7:00—9:00 pm
Fourth Friday free.
Pot Luck Free Fridays—Story nights.
$50.00/evening. Exceptions for movies, music and special speakers.
Price reduced 10% for members.
Must preregister on website prior to first Friday evening.



The most unparalleled marvel of life to me are ecosystems and how the myriad of life that makes up these almost infinitely complex nature communities maintains a dynamic balance where everything functions perfectly. Not only that but they have sustained this balance, despite changes in the beings who lived there, for millions of years.

Here we re-introduce you to the beings of nature, bring them to life for you to get to know and to help you discover how their communities work.

Through our talks and tales, films, music, guest speakers, playshops and wilderness walks, we hope to excite and educate you, to peak your curiosity and stimulate your creativity as you begin to know the wisdom, wise hearts of animals and plants and learn how they live together.

What we share is theme based to go more deeply into who animals and plants are and what they do.

The living Earth has taken billions of years to advance into the infinitely intricate communities that exist all over the world right now. It takes time to get to know the beings of nature from the basics to the ancient and ever developing lessons and advancements they have to share if we choose to pay attention.

Some of it moves us forward, brings us to our ultimate potential and helps us be our best self. Some of it is essential to our very existence.


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